Seo Optimization for Beginners Level

Seo Optimization! Yes, oh yes! The sesame wizard for online business. Working online especially blogging is all about Seo Optimization. If you do not do SEO Google or other search engines, you would end up winding up your online business. Why? Because, unless you make it to the top of search engine ranking, you would not get noticed and if you do not get noticed, you will not get any clients. So, how to go about search engine domination? Here is the answer. Although there is no wax on and wax off on how to do the Seo Optimization, but if you follow these simple hacks, you’ll be off to a good start.

Seo Optimization for Beginners Level

Keywords research – Any SEO company will tell you the same that you are going to read here. You have to make a target-oriented keywords research and find out all the important long tail keywords. How to do Seo Optimization? Find out low competition keywords and use them.

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Site loading time – Yes it is also Seo Optimization. Nowadays Google indexes mostly those websites which have very good site loading time. So share small and compressed images and always make sure to optimize website speed.

Use Snippets to increase SERP listing – one of the best Seo Optimization tips and tricks 2021 is to use rich snippets. Try those rich snippets with catchy meta-descriptions and you are in. You would rock your niche because your website’s SERP listing will appear cheesy than others.

Use of Social Media and Forums – chat forums, technical communities, tech buffs and obviously social media use is one of the latest Seo Optimization techniques. Use them to leverage your keywords search and traffic needs. Read the comments and posts and find out the most common phrases. Also, work on social media page and group building. This will pay off. Your social media traffic will definitely become a reason in the increase of your AdSense income.

Authority backlinks – Yes, we know! In the beginning of your career getting authority backlinks is very difficult to do. However, you can do that by using a research-based model. First of all research your niche and find out who is the best. In case of digital business and blogging, we can say it’s Neil Patel or Aamir Atta. So, have a look at how the gurus in your niche help grow the entrepreneurial community and if they easily give backlinks. Then do some good blogging on your blog and send them an email praising their work in the niche. Develop a contact. And when the time comes, send a proposal that they cannot refuse. A few high quality backlinks will do the job for you.

Use of software and tools – So, if you talk about major Seo Optimization techniques, it is mostly onsite and offsite. Onsite Seo Optimization is mostly about use of long-tail keywords in quality content. For this, use SEMrush or Long-tail pro. However, they are paid software or tools. If your budget is tight, try AdWords to get a good amount of keywords to start with. As far as offsite is concerned, it is mostly about backlinks.

You need to see which sites have listed the links to your competitors’ sites. You can do this with use of a few websites like or and get the kind and number of websites which have listed the content of your competitors. Bingo! Once done, you can sort out a strategy to pursue those sites to publish your content as well.

Follow these simple hacks and tricks, and we are sure that you won’t need any more Search engine optimization techniques or an company, in near future.

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