Keyword Density Checker-Prominence & Proximity (On Page SEO)

Keyword Density Checker, frequency, prominence and proximity is most important in On page SEO. And here I would like to discuss a strategy of keywords that can make a big difference. When it comes to be shown for your Keywords. I think it’s a bit long, but fear not … it’s not so bad!

Keyword Density Checker-Prominence & Proximity (On Page SEO)

Keyword Density Checker:

Keyword density checker is an important aspect of the On page optimization (SEO) process. when you need to start on page SEO then it can help to you. Because Keyword density can be found in the index able text on a web page. To be honest, I do not believe there is a hidden percentage or ratio. I think that would be a conservative percentage of anywhere from 2-3% and not more than 10%.

Keyword density is concerned, I recommend:

-Your Keywords should be use in title

-Your Keyword should be include in Description

-Your Keywords should be use as H1 tag

-Text, it seems natural and a few variations of keywords sprinkled throughout the sense.

Keyword Density = (No. of keyword / Total no of words) x 100

Keyword prominence:

The concept of keyword prominence is simple Prominent Keywords should be First. Everyone has some important keywords for their website. Keyword prominence refers to how prominent your keywords in your web page. In plain English, this is how your keywords placed webpage, sentence, title, means the beginning of the H tags or Meta descriptions.

If the potential of your most important keywords at the very beginning:



-H1 tag

-Text body

Keyword proximity:

Keyword proximity refers to two or more words so close to each other. Close together you place and your keywords and from this way you will get higher rankings.

For example:

How does that affect the keyword density checker search engine rankings?

How does that affect the ranking in search engine keyword density?

Using the above example, if a search for “search engine rankings,” the first sentence of the second most likely to have high ranking on a web page.

Because the words are put together. Of course the rest, assuming that one. This strategy is gold … and they work! Build online businesses is difficult, and unless you have a competitive edge, you have to go only thriving, surviving. Develop a strategy and implement the changes, and they will help you increase your search engine ranking.

Keyword frequency:

Frequency refers to the number of times a keyword OR phrase appears within a web page. View more times a keyword or keyword phrase appears within a web page, likely more acceptable to the page for a search with a search engine keywords. Generally, I recommend that you do believe that it is the most important keywords or keyword phrases most frequently used keywords in a web page. But more often repeat the same keyword or keyword phrase and by careful not to abuse the system.

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Remember ! You can use this keyword an exaggerated number system by filling a plethora of keyword phrases in the text of your site seo. Google will penalize you for it too because it looks like a spam site. Above and be sure to keep your most important keywords in the page as recommended below.

Once again, here’s what you should focus on:

Your Keywords use in title

Your Keyword include in Description

Your Keywords in H1 tag

-Text, it seems natural and a few variations of keywords sprinkled throughout the sense

Get ready, this is where you set yourself apart from the competition!

When performing On Page SEO , I do not think the two strategies in the following account from your competitor bets. I do, and you should too!