7 Advanced Keyword Research Tips for SEO (Works in 2021)

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I will tell you seven keyword research tips that you may have never seen before, especially tip number six, which almost everyone ignores. Let's go inside. So if you are happy to read advanced SEO keyword research tips, then click that button like this and get started. So number one, do not point out keywords for confusing purposes. It is therefore important that you have a strong understanding of what the searcher is looking for when searching for a keyword. And the reason is that it will determine how you improve your SEO content strategy and how you build the page.

7 Advanced Keyword Research Tips for SEO (Works in 2021)

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How To Keyword Research Tips

Keywords are unique names such as basketball, shoes or cars. Let's take cars as an example. So if you check out Google's home page you will see a good example of why you should not point to keywords in your head. First there is cars.com, which makes sense. Then there is the local package featuring car dealers in St. Louis. But as we walk down the aisle, you'll also see "Cars" animated Will Ferrell and Disney's "Cars" movie. What does all this mean? It means that Google knows with 100% certainty what search terms you are trying to find with this keyword. They can search for new cars, used cars, black cars, or even movie "Cars". And I never even mentioned that keywords compete insanely in most cases. For example, keyword cars have a 95 keyword problem. So this is what you should do. Avoid targeting keywords in the head for ambiguous purposes and instead use keywords in the head to find body keywords or long tails for obvious purposes. For example, suppose you are selling used cars. Go to have the same terms in the HS keyword checker change the KD filter to max 10 and insert the used in the input field. Now you will see which low-key competitors have a clear target available to identify. Now let's move on to the second tip of the second keyword, know the five main areas of purpose. So if you've been following me at any time you might be sick of me talking for a search. But the reason I continue to worry about it is because it is so important to your SEO performance. It is the key to achieving SEO success. So with that in mind, if you find anything in this post please focus on this post. There are therefore five main categories of search purpose. The first number is informative, with broad keywords related to your topic and appearing at the top of the sales page. For example, how many cars does Jay Leno have? The second number is investigating, which are keywords that begin to show signs of the purpose of the transaction and appear as the investigator continues the border of the transaction. For example less than 10,000 used cars. The third number is for comparison purposes. Now some people wrap keywords for comparison in the search category but I prefer to put them in their separate category. An example of a keyword for the purpose of comparing Honda Pilot vs Toyota Highlander. And the main difference here is that with keyword research, the searcher looks more closely at the solutions but is not categorized into one type or another. Comparison searchers on the other hand are focused on the product and you can also find types of keyword reviews in this category as well as Honda Ridgeline reviews. The fourth type of purpose is transactions which are the most profitable types of keywords. And they happen below the sales threshold. For example a discount for Honda students or buy a used Honda Civic. And the last major category of purpose goes with the number five which is the keyword that includes your product as a Honda or Honda Civic can last many miles. So those are the main stages of the purpose. But now I want to tell you about new types of purpose that you are not talking about. Which brings me to the key point of a keyword tip that has three types of purpose. So the first kind of new purpose is called the purpose of observation. And other examples include modern houses or black shoes. When you analyze the search results for these keywords you will see that there is a prominent image pack above the fold. And the photo pack compresses the traditional effects at the bottom of the frame and makes them almost invisible. So when you come across a keyword for the purpose of viewing, you need to think about how you will use your target page and how you will organize your images. So you can count on Google Photos. And in many cases, the measurement of traditional natural effects is a requirement to rank Google images with the same keyword. But you also need to add your own photos well. That means you first use a different image and then customize that image by adding a keyword to the file name and an alt image tag. The next type of new purpose is called video purpose. And some examples include how to jump a rope or how to use eyeshadow. And just check the results for these keywords.You will also see a video from YouTube dominating the results. That means that if you come across a keyword for the purpose of the video, then you will need to focus on placement on YouTube before thinking about Google. The fourth tip for keyword research is to identify keywords in each section of the line. So now that you know the different types of purpose, you need to understand how keywords work within sales parameters. For example, in the awareness section, you will find keywords for informational purposes. In the interest section, you will find keywords for an investigation. In the decision section, you will find keywords for comparison purposes. Finally, in the action section, you will find keywords for the purpose of the transaction. And the next keyword research tip to help with site searches. One of the most overlooked keyword research methods is analyzing your website's site search. Just log in to Google Analytics, go to the behavior, site search and click on search terms. And these are the exact sentences that users want on your website. Often these keywords are an indication that you need to create new content to complete this search. Or it is an indication that the construction of your site is not doing well because users cannot easily find answers to their questions. Six keyword research tip to identify unknown keywords. So what I’m going to show you is a powerful way to be the first mover of new ideas in your industry. All you have to do is use websites like Quora or Reddit to get content ideas for keyword research tips.

Let me show you Quora for example. So just go to Quora, enter a keyword that matches your search field and go to the shopping time section and select last month. Now you will see all the latest questions. I also recommend focusing on ideas with high user engagement. Now here’s the deal, most people who do SEO only use search volume as their only way to qualify and validate keyword ideas. And while this is a reliable approach, it is not the only way to validate ideas. You can also use user signals on other platforms to verify ideas. For example, if an idea has an engagement on Quora, Reddit or Tik Tok, all of that is an affirmation you need to attack for SEO purposes. And trust me on this, most SEOs don’t do this. They spend their time discovering important words in traditional ways. And the truth is that new ideas often pull in the way of communication before finding search engines. Also seven key and seven key research tips for goal changers. Now what is the purpose fixer? Purpose converter is any word that changes the original purpose of the keyword. For example, suppose cars are our seed keyword and have a 95 keyword weight. Yes, as you know, from the previous example, cars are the worst keyword to identify because the purpose is confusing and rivalry with madness. But what if I add some changing targets? So now let's change the keyword to the best cars, 2021 with a weight of 49 keywords that are still very competitive but 48% less competitive than cars. And this shows you the power of adding purpose fixes. Not only can it help you to plan easily, but it can also help you drive more live traffic. For example, if you look at our data from gotchseo.com, you can see that by adding a year or more to the topic, a large number of additional organic search traffic is being driven. And that would not be possible without the use of mind-altering substances. I will give you one keyword research tip. So one of the best things you can do at the beginning of an SEO campaign is to identify the keywords that Google already loves for your website. For example, log in to Ahrefs and submit your website to a site explorer. Then go to the organic keywords and click on the drop-down positions and enter five to 15. And they are incredibly important because you have just a few tweaks left in getting more live traffic. In most cases, all you have to do is add a page based on the recommendations from Surfer. In some cases, you may need more backlinks or your website may need more authority in general. But one major hacker to improve the performance of a given page is to create even more consistency. That means identifying keywords that are closely related to the original topic, but have a different purpose. For example, if your page was directed to baseball, baseball cleats may support the main topic but have different purposes. It may therefore require a dedicated page. So with that in mind, I highly recommend prioritizing fruit keywords that are slower because they are the fastest way to increase your live traffic at the beginning of an SEO campaign. So here are seven keyword research tips you can use today. If you liked this post, please like it.

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